It's all about hunting pips 
by study & strategy,
not by guessing or gambling

Trading for a Living in Forex Market


"Financial factors are vital to fundamental analysis. Changes in a government's monetary or fiscal policies are bound to generate changes in the economy, and these will be reflected in the exchange rates. Financial factors should be triggered only by economic factors. When governments focus on different aspects of the economy or have additional international responsibilities, financial factors may have priority over economic factors. This was painfully true in the case of the European Monetary System (EMS) in the early 1990s. The realities of the marketplace revealed the underlying artificiality of this approac "

"The role of interest rates. Using the interest rates independently from the real economic environment translated into a very expensive strategy. Because foreign exchange, by definition, consists of simultaneous transactions in two currencies, then it follows that the market must focus on two respective interest rates as well "