It's all about hunting pips 
by study & strategy,
not by guessing or gambling

Forex trading 15 minute turbocourse


If you want lots of theory and complicated strategies, you're in the

wrong place. you don't need another classic, boring "learning

material". What you need are cutting edge ideas and tools that will

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We, the creators of the popular “Forex Basics &

Secrets in 15 Minutes” bring you a fresh and

unique approach to mastering the Forex market.

This e-book will help you master the skills of Forex

trading in the fastest time possible! And it doesn't

matter so much what education and background

you have! The results of our program show

interesting results - people with no previous

financial market experience often show better

performance than those with the experience!

Watch the TV series “Million dollar trader” where

this fact is confirmed as well.